The Problem​

Single working parents often face seemingly insurmountable difficulties as they balance work, parenting, living conditions and education. This lifestyle takes its toll on children though some long term studies have shown single parent household children learn from the challenges.

The Solution

Optimal parenting time makes for happy children which in turn makes for happy adults. Having mom and dad fully invested in their children makes for happy homes.


Our Mission
Our mission is to help single working parents attain comfort and financial success for their families through home ownership and home business entrepreneurship.

Buying a home is finding yourself.

Our First Project

The Spirit of Freedom Foundation acquired a house when my brother deeded it to the Foundation​ upon his passing.


Happy Homes came into being when we found a single working mother faced with the daily tasks of being a mom to three children, arranging child care, dealing with visitation scheduling, working full time outside a cramped apartment, studying for a professional designation all with an eye to the future hoping to someday own her own home and business.

The Spirit of Freedom Foundation worked with her to eventually buy the house and turn it into a place called home. Rather than owning a stack of worthless rent receipts, in ten years she will have free and clear title to her own home. Now she has a separate space for child care, another for starting her dreamed about home business and a large backyard for the children to play in. Growing a garden, planting flowers and having friends and family over for cookouts and maybe even getting a pet or two (wink) is happening now. 


Together, we are turning a dream into reality.  My brother would be proud and happy.

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