Hopes and plans are part of the process of improving one's lot in life.

Sometimes a helping hand is all it takes to find comfort and success. 


Luck and timing help but we find the harder and smarter we work the luckier we get. Persistence is the key.

Could YOU be PROJECT 2?


The future belongs to those who dream about it first.  Those who actually make the future happen depends on how  persistent they can be.

We seek stressed-out, sleep-deprived career men and women who happen to be students, maids and chauffeurs as well as moms and dads with children.

Our primary objective is to help make children's dreams come true. 

Loving and supportive friends and family provide what children really need most. 

Maybe Happy Homes can help you find and own the home of your dreams?

Fancy home or not so fancy.  A child's happiness is more than a house.

Home is where the heart is.

A family's future starts with a mother's love. Making every day better for her children is what motherly love is about.

The freedom that comes with owning one's home makes for lasting memories.

Children never forget the good times.  Even in their dreams.

PROJECT 1 Girard Ohio

Facilitated a 3.15% interest ten year Contract for Deed​ for a single working mother.  Rather than renting, investing in home equity builds a financial base from which to grow.

Home equity is a great source of emergency cash.  A stack of rent receipts won't help pay for college either.

Mothers of today have no greater opportunity and no more serious challenge than to do all they can to strengthen the home. -- L. Tom Perry


When the Spirit of Freedom Foundation acquires real property assets through donation or advantageous purchase, Happy Homes takes over to match those properties to our single working parents data base. We look for special situations where we can structure housing deals for single working parents with children who would not otherwise qualify or have been rejected for conventional bank financing. Improving the living environment for children is our main consideration.

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