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Why the World Map?

The World Map relates to us in this way.  Single parenting is nothing new and has been with us throughout the history of the world. A comprehensive look at "A single parent is an uncoupled individual who shoulders most or all of the day-to-day responsibilities for raising a child or children" is quite revealing. You can find it here.


Is the entire world too big a challenge us? Most would agree children deserve a fair shot at life wherever they live. So why not give it a go. Big goals are better than no goals.

A few years ago, in his book, Nick Mileti, a Cleveland Ohio entrepreneur, posed this question about how to handle all the details in starting a business or attacking a problem that seems impossible: "How do you eat a 5,000 pound elephant?"  "One bite at a time" was his answer.  With that thought in mind, we know how to make our model work for other single working parents.  If we can do it for one mother, we can do it for fathers too. We can do it again ... and again ... and again.  One house at a time. One day at a time.

The Spirit of Freedom Foundation spawned Happy Homes in 2017 as a  way to do our part in dealing with breakdowns in contemporary society.

Any civilized society faces difficulties when single parent homes become a way of life. While there can be character building advantages for the children but more often than not, children benefit from the growing up experience when a stable home life is intact.

We believe a loving home with access to the modest pleasures children enjoy such their own bedroom, a backyard for play, local friends and pets adds comfort and feelings of safety.

With our initial project off and running, Happy Homes welcomes new opportunities.  We are building a data base of qualified, single working parents with a view toward matching each of them with a place to call home. Qualified single parents earning sufficient income must be capable of managing, maintaining and improving a property and paying utilities, taxes and insurance.

We facilitate pairing up donated or purchased real estate with deserving single parents based on the idea that a happy family improves society overall.  Contact us to see how you can put a family on its way to comfort and success through home ownership by donating a home.

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