Do you own a property that is vacant or in need of some loving care?


Perhaps a family situation is making the family home a burden.

Real estate assets can become an intolerable burden for the elderly. Donating or selling a property to us is an act of kindness.

There may be tax advantages and charitable reasons that make sense in terms of deeding your property to the Spirit of Freedom Foundation to be recycled by Happy Homes.

Perhaps aging parents are living alone clinging the happiness their home once brought to them. 


Moving to Independent Living or Assisted Living facilities can be one of the best decisions they will make.  Old friends can visit while they are making new friends many of whom face the same problems.  Health and financial issues often dominate their lives.  The simple fact is unless we are unlucky and pass on early, none of us can escape the aging process.


Happy Homes will seek worthy single working parents for donated homes making them available on better terms than otherwise would be available. 


Matching the right property to the right working parent is what we do.


Getting involved with Happy Homes as a volunteer in your area in your spare time is truly a "feel good" experience.  Donating your experience can help those willing to work to earn their way in life can be more effective than just giving money.  Try it and see.



Single working parents often have a difficult time qualifying for conventionally financed home ownership. Cash contributions to the Spirit of Freedom Foundation are used to purchase properties when desirable properties are not available for a qualified, deserving parent.


The Spirit of Freedom Foundation, founded on January 17, 2001 is a tax-exempt non-profit Ohio Corporation and is in the process of submitting an application to the IRS for a 501C(3) tax-deductible designation. Until we are IRS approved, contributions and property donations are not tax deductible.


In the meantime, if you choose to help out with our operating expenses, we will accept checks payable to the Spirit of Freedom Foundation.

If you would like to help make it possible for single working parents move from rented or leased housing to home ownership, please make a contribution.

The above links take you to PayPal.Me for a fast and secure donation.  Happy Homes is a project of The Spirit of Freedom Foundation.

The Foundation's main website, aims to help homeless and disabled veterans. 


We also have eleven (11) basic businesses with websites ready to go as home business opportunities.  When any one of these complement the skills and interests of the new homeowner, we provide encouragement and mentoring.  Helping folks create additional income to help pay their loans while earning a future seems not so dumb after all.

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